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What People are saying...

The Sanskrit word, Samsara, is the concept of the cyclical pattern of life, misery, death and rebirth. To achieve happiness, we must learn our lessons to free ourselves from the cycles of samsara.

Ashley has an intimate relationship with the concept and experience of Samsara. She experienced many lives and made many shifts and transitions through intensive Svadyaya (self-study). Engineer in Oil & Gas to heart-centered Tantrika in service to humanity and connection.

Her persistent and deep transformation of pain, self-doubt and inner-judgment through yoga have deepened her capacity to facilitate others in practicing unconditional love.

Ashley’s cultivation of skills in esoteric studies and therapeutic healing modalities allows her to access many tools in service to you. She helps people talk about sex, intimacy and relationships, but also has extensive training in yoga, (including nutrition, movement and meditation,) as well as energy work (including Reiki and other shamanic practices). She empowers clients to create an inspiring life and fulfilling reality with greater depth, authenticity, purpose and intimacy.

Relationships can be challenging… So much so, people often describe them as “work.” Many face miscommunication, lack of alignment, self-judgement, fear-based overrides  and/or misunderstanding in relationships which cause disconnect. 

Studies have shown the key to happiness is held in relationships. Ashley will help you explore and realize more fulfilling relationships through enhanced communication of values and desires with clear, confident and authentic energy.

Miscommunication is one of the primary reasons relationship integrity falls apart. Healthy effective communication can be challenging. Third party guidance to maintain focus on your goals is essential in resolving relationship conflict. Ashley can help develop alternative approaches to both internal and external dialogues. She offers language and translations to effectively navigate verbal and non-verbal communication.

Are you overwhelmed by dating or starting a new relationship? Ashley can review your dating approach, profile and can help clarify and refine your relationship goals. She offers games and ideas to cultivate and curate a deeper, more authentic, playful experience. 

Are cycles of struggle continuing to repeat themselves or are you gaining insights that allow you to transform limiting patterns?

If you are ready to connect to your life potential and new possibilities in relationships, you’ve come to the right place. Break free from cycles of suffering and discover new possibilities for creating the life and relationships you most desire. Ashley intuitively connects and listens to you so you can truly discover the areas of your life that are holding you back from your richest human experience. She offers a customized mixed-modality approach combined with accessible pricing options providing integrative pathways for just about anyone. 

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