A bit about my Roo-Ining ;)

I’m Ashley, but in 2013, my life was totally and completely Roo-in’d, I just didn’t have a name for it yet. The it didn’t come to me until the same time the following year, when I was named  Chinchilla Roo, at Burning Man, of course.

What’s in a name anyway? A lot actually! There is power and magic in every syllable, in every sound. You can feel it if you pay attention…

I would *never* name myself “Chinchilla Roo,” it’s ridiculous!!!! But in that ridiculousness  sat my freedom and authenticity, my sovereignty!!! MY POWER!!!!

My name helped me redefine my life. It helped me shift from doing what’s expected to doing what make the impact I want to have. It helped me step into my fear and make real change in my life.

So much in my life had been planned and calculated in efforts to provide some sense of safety and stability. It was making me unstable!!!! I didn’t know which or who’s compass to follow. I was lost and searching. I was disconnected from myself.

It was in this silly whimsical name, in this turbulent, overwhelming, awe-inspiring place, that I found home.  It was in the place of fear and uncertainty that I found purpose. It was when I stopped knowing and started pondering, when I stopped making excuses and started finding meaning, when I gave up fighting and started exploring, That I was able to find real connection with my path. It was through Chinchilla Roo that I found the power of Ashley Kelly.

It still a rocky road road full of stumbles, but I feel more comfortable walking into the unknown now that my compass has been recalibrated. The Roo, la rue, the road is a fruitful path that runs through both the shadow and the light. Its full of joy and sorrow, wins and losses… and love.  

I have run the gambit of life. I have had my heart broken many many many times over. I have been sick, broken, confused, powerless, and depressed. I have worked hard to wake the fuck up, get my shit together, come out the other side, not a victim beaten by the struggles of life, but victorious with a wealth of adventure still yet to be had!!! I am here to offer my advice and perspective to support you through the challenging phases in your life. I am here to inspire and ignite your passion. I am here to help you LOVE YOUR LIFE!!!